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Monday 25th May 2020
Welcome to the web site of DDL Pattern Making and Case Making Division

Formed over 100 years ago to support the manufacture of Dawson Downie Pumps, DDL Pattern and Case Making Division has grown to become a standalone division serving an international client base that includes companies in the engineering, automotive, manufacturing and marine sectors.

Our unique combination of traditional craftsmanship together with the latest technology ensures that we deliver an unrivalled level of quality and service. Our efficiency and cost effectiveness has also seen the company become a key supplier for companies developing prototypes.

Dawson Downie Lamont (DDL) has been providing high quality industrial cases and export packaging services as well as bespoke pattern making to both domestic and an international client base.

We have established our enviable reputation in the market by understanding the importance of high quality packaging solutions in our clients’ business.

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