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About the DDL Case and Pattern Making Division

DDL have put together a team of highly skilled pattern makers with extensive experience in all aspects of pattern making from small complex items such as machine parts to large industrial components such as propellers, valve bodies and pump impellers.

Our patterns makers can work from your detailed drawings to produce highly accurate patterns in pine, hardwood or polyurethane resin. Alternatively clients can also take advantage of our reverse engineering service where we replicate and reproduce an existing component or casting. Our experienced engineers will work with you to agree tolerances for wear and tear dependent on the usage, the estimated age of the component and the environment in which it has been operating.

The end result is a pattern to produce an exact casting of your component.

In addition, we have established an enviable reputation in the market by understanding the importance of high quality packaging solutions in our clients’ business.

Simply provide us with the dimensions and weight of your product together with the intended destination and mode of transport and we can advise on the most cost effective alternative in terms of materials, construction and packaging service.

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