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Export packaging can be a precarious business if it is not carried out correctly both in terms of packaging design and material specification. Fortunately our knowledge and expertise in the changing legislation being implemented by countries around the world is a vital element in our clients business.

DDL were one of the founder members of TIMCON, the timber packaging and pallet confederation, which oversees the UK application of the international regulations for wood packaging including ISPM15 (The International Standard for Phytosanitary Measure). ISPM15 is a critical piece of legislation for any company shipping goods across the world as it provides guidelines on the quality and preparation of timber packaging to prevent the spread of infestation.

We publish our DDL Export Packaging bulletin service to provide all our clients with the latest information on legislative developments. This is a key service that ensures our clients never get caught out by shipping products in packaging that simply will not be admitted into the destination country.

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