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DDL Case Making

Simply provide us with the dimensions and weight of your product together with the intended destination and mode of transport and we can advise on the most cost effective alternative in terms of materials, construction and packaging service.

The quality of packaging solution you choose will play a major factor in the ultimate satisfaction of your customer - under specify and you risk damaging the goods being shipped - over specify and you could price yourself out of the market.

DDL has extensive experience in designing and developing cost effective cases. With increasing legislation on the materials and construction used in industrial cases, particularly in the export market, where ISPM15 is a critical factor it is vital that your case meets the minimum requirements to both protect your goods and safely reach its destination.

  • Solutions Designed to Meet Your Needs.
    Our key focus is to provide you with the right level of service for your requirements. We offer clients a range of solutions dependent on your need.
  • Supply Only.
    At our most basic level we can design, build and supply you with a industrial case or crate either fully erected or as a flat pack to allow you to fulfil the packaging element in house.
  • Goods to Us.
    Where products require specialist packaging such as foil wrapping, vacuum sealed or foam and felt protection, we offer a complete solution where we can uplift the products from your premises and undertake all packaging within our workshop area.
  • Onsite Service.
    DDL has extensive experience in the heavy engineering market designing and constructing industrial cases around large items at our clients’ premises. Packaging goods in excess of 100 tonnes and over 50 metres in length is an area that DDL excel with our craftsmanship and unrivalled industry experience.

Whatever size, shape or weight your product is, wherever in the world it is going and no matter what mode of transport is going by, our service ensures it reaches the client in pristine condition.

To discuss how we can help your business achieve its objectives contact us today on 01592 775 551 or send us an enquiry.

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