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DDL Timber Pipe Cradles

The Safest Way to Store More Pipes

DDL's Pipe Cradles are revolutionising the storage of pipes with a cost effective solution that enables companies to store more pipes and improve their safety standards.

In today's highly competitive market companies must analyse every expenditure whilst ensuring that they continue to meet the rigorous health and safety legislation that the industry now faces.

The traditional steel cantilever racking is not only an expensive solution, many existing racking systems are now showing worrying health and safety issues with bent retaining sections that may not be able to cope with large diameter pipes.

Available in a range of standard sizes or manufactured to your individual requirements, DDL Pipe Cradles can transform the way in which you store pipes with a variety of capacities dependent on the weight and diameter.

Manufactured from high specification timber and to the superior standards associated with DDL's market leading Patternshop, the pipe cradles offer a more efficient storage solution by enabling easy and safe access from either side.

With seals of approval from some of the largest operators in the oil and gas sectors, it's no wonder that many companies are now looking at the enormous benefits that this simple yet highly effective system offers.

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